Micheal Savoie is a student of Peter Parks’ training and has used it to train business owners with his 5 Day Business Challenge in order to drive traffic to their websites.  Micheal has trained with white hat traffic experts and black hat experts, but he never reveals whichof these techniques he is using to make his money online. Until now…

Peter Parks is the Affiliate Punisher and has most recently been part of a huge product launch with Eric Rockefeller called Aggressive Affiliates! Peter has kept out of the limelight and has focused on getting traffic under the radar to pick off affiliate commissions from unsuspecting Adwords advertisers!

Together they are sniping commissions from niches all over the web! Using the tactics that made them their money, they are training a new team of employees to make them killer money while they travel all over the world!

Join them on the FVR Cruise: http://fvrcruise.com

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