Review Of Aggressive Affiliates From An Insider

Obviously, when my partner in crime releases a product, he is going to give me a copy of it to check out.  Actually, I had to use black hat techniques to wrestle it out of his hands, but I have it and that is that.

I have seen some lame reviews of it so far, by people who could not have seen it, or they had access, but didn’t take the time to watch it.  Order Generic Female Viagra Online without Prescription That is OK, I will set the record straight for you. First of all, the product starts a little slow. Why Eric spends so much time explaining why he uses Google as a research tool is beyond me. But once he leaves that smoking pile in the dust, he never looks back and he delivers some great content that made me pause the video a few times to write notes.

He really knows his stuff, and now I understand why he has an office of people doing this for him day in and day out. He can rake in wheelbarrows full of cash in his sleep! All he has to do is train his team, and they are off to the races, pulling in some nice big commissions for him.

Peter teaches the traffic side of the equation, because once you have a niche and a product, you need to plan out your traffic and make it grow fast so that you can slip the commissions right out from under the adwords guys noses! Traffic from Peter’s methods can come fast and steady or fast, period.  You basically just decide how long you want to receive traffic like that. If you want it long term, you follow the white hat trail.

Not interested in keeping it for a long time? Then make your money fast using the black hat methods, then move on to your next victim, I mean, niche and start building the traffic for that one.

The content is worth every penny! The videos make you go crosseyed every once in a while, but you are not paying to be entertained, only to create a business that pays you! In that respect they overdeliver and should be charging $4997 for this course! You would definitely take action after paying that much for it. But you would recoup that investment quickly, too, if you took action.

So the moral of the story is that unless you are going to do something with that knowledge on those videos and in the workbooks, you might as well buy some stock in Enron, too…

This course must be accompanied by action.

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

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