Not For The Faint Of Heart–Free Process Map


This is not for the faint of heart.
I’ve just watched a very *DISTURBING* $100,000.00 video about affiliate marketing that quite frankly made me mad.

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One of the biggest and most sought after UNDERGROUND super affiliates has just changed the way the affiliate game is played and he’s done it in a big way.

This is the go to guy" the big gurus call upon when they want some super affiliate firepower
for their front and Buy cheap Female Viagra Online back end income funnels, the system is shocking to say the least and so simple its ridiculous.

Quite frankly I’m a bit embarrassed as to how simple this really is.

This is some menacing stuff up until now only his $25,000.00 private clients have been exposed to.

GIGANTIC Super Affiliate Pay Days only certain people get to enjoy like…

  • …> $21,394.45 selling a $97 ebook in less than 15 days
  • …> $58,129.27 selling a content management system in 27 days (in a hyper competitive market and at the worst time of the year)
  • …> $44,013.95 selling a very black hat, covert suite of PPC software tools that will get you into trouble if you got caught using it but the money you make from it… (incredible)

That’s $131,537.67 in total (in case you weren’t adding it up) from just three affiliate funnels.
In fact he’s used this funnel in multiple niche markets and generated close to a cool $1,000,000.00 of affiliate sales for himself and his clients but here’s the craziest part…
…Without spending a penny on Google.

Shocking I know!

I strongly recommend you go watch the video now it will take you to another level (and then some.)

Very rarely do super affiliates like Peter expose their real secrets, especially $131,537.67
from those killer promotion’s. This video won’t be up forever so it’s in your best interests to watch it now.

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