Website Traffic Solutions: Who Needs Massive Traffic?

When I first started an online business, the people with the most power were those who controlled website traffic. It was something to see when AOL began dominating the web, with CompuServe close behind. The reason that these two were the number 1 and 2 traffic providers is because 70% of all Internet users went through those service providers, and they had web portals that drove a lot of traffic to whatever advertising they wanted to put in front of those eyeballs.

Once lower priced and higher speed Internet providers began chipping away at the market share of AOL and CompuServe, these companies lost most of their power. During the 90’s AOL was big enough to absorb Time Warner and then CompuServe, but the way of the portal began to shatter into many fragments because people began exercising their right to choose what page they wanted to start on their browsers.

In the early days, getting a link or a mention on a portal site meant you were going to get thousands of visitors a day. But the portals began to make their real estate very pricey, and the media buyers became the go to people if you wanted to get your ad in front of the same numbers of eyeballs. Media buyers buy ad spots in bulk, they actually lease a piece of real estate on thousands of portal sites, and then they rotate the ads that they want to drive traffic to those sites that carry the demographics of the target market for their ads.

This method is expensive for the small business person, because a media buyer will sell you a certain number of views for hundreds of dollars. The bigger your budget, the better the media buyer will help you. But those with small budgets really need to get traffic in order to build that kind of cash flow.

Now, anyone has the ability to drive that kind of traffic using free methods that keep visitors coming. All a website owner has to do is research the competition for the keywords that they are targeting and then get in ahead of them on the search engine rankings. Even last year, everyone wanted to be in the top rankings of Google, but that is no longer necessarily the case. Sure, you want a high ranking on Google, but if you can also drive your results higher on Bing, Yahoo and Ask, you will also get a significant increase in traffic.

The good news is that if you can rank highly on Google, your results should also rise in the other search engines, since their algorithms are very similar. You want your money site to be as optimized as possible (keywords used in title, heading and picture names and titles… along with content that is able to hold a reader’s attention for at least a minute) and then get links on as many important (to the search engines) web sites as possible in your niche. The key is relevancy and user focus. If you write your content for the search engines, you will not rank very well for long.

cheatsheet-traffic-launchersThis has always seemed like a daunting task, but my friend Jeff Johnson has found a way to make driving traffic to his affiliate links very simple. It takes some work, but you can do this using a process map (a traffic cheat sheet is what he calls it) to get your content on a network of sites that will grab your competition and toss them to the side like a linebacker tosses a receiver out of bounds! He outlines the specific steps you have to take to get your website onto the web and into the top search engine rankings in nothing flat! He even accompanies the Traffic Cheat Sheet with a video to teach you what everything means! You should see the comments on his page where he is giving this away!

So go ahead and download your own Traffic Cheat Sheet now and get started with your own massive website traffic Cheap Female Viagra so that you can start buying up your competition like AOL did in the 90’s!

Disclaimer: The links on this blog may have affiliate relationships where I may earn a commission if you purchase one of the products recommended herein. Please do your own due diligence research to see if any product or service is right for you!

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Disclaimer: The links on this blog may have affiliate relationships where I may earn a commission if you purchase one of the products recommended herein. Please do your own due diligence research to see if any product or service is right for you!