Traffic Dojo Launch Cut Short…

It happens.

A marketer reveals a method of getting traffic to CPA offers, affiliate products or even their own product to a group of other marketers. These marketers start using this method and they become wildly successful, so they call up this first marketer…

And tell him to stop!

So Thursday at noon Eastern… is your last chance to grab Traffic Dojo!

We don’t usually like to stop selling a product, especially when it helps people, but when it is a game changer, you also know that once too many people are using these methods… they become much less effective.

So Christian is putting up the stop sign! If you wanted to get your hands on Traffic Dojo, you had better go there now!

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I guess it’s what you could call the down side of offering
such an incredible product at such a ridiculously low price,
because as we’re sitting here looking over the Buy cheap Female Viagra Online Home Business
Success Kits we had produced, we’re looking at each other and
saying…"Well crap! We may have a problem here."

And it is such a vivid reminder of how even those of us
who have been making money online on a regular basis
can STILL be taken by surprise.

It’s kind of funny really, because it’s actually…

A Very GOOD Problem To Have

It’s ironic, because we’ve had so much fun giving away the previous chapters,
as well as reading all the comments on our Blog and facebook, we kind of lost track of this.

Speaking of which…

We wanted to spread the word and help as many people as
possible turn their lives around with the most powerful way to
create a residual income online.

Looks like we’re getting exactly what we wished for But I’ve got to tell you,
we don’t know exactly how we’re going to handle this, because as of right
now we have more and more people hitting the website and
grabbing their Home Business Success Kits as we speak.

So here’s the BAD news…

I hate to tell you this, but we simply do not have enough kits to
meet the tremendous demand coming at us.

Not only that, every guru from A to Z has been calling and emailing us,
because they want to give us their products as bonuses to add even more
power to your online income generation.

And this is from both marketing people AND networking
people, which makes this the most incredibly diverse
"user friendly" Internet product anybody’s ever seen.

That’s why we almost feel like we need to dial the volume
DOWN a bit on our offering right now!

You see, today we have added an additional $726 in bonuses
that will be included this week with the Home Business Success Kits.

In other words, 15 times MORE value than the Home Business Success Kit
special launch price of just $47 itself!

That’s Just Nuts!

In a very GOOD way of course.
But that’s why I need to ask you this…

Could You Do Us A Favor?

Since you already know you want your Home Business Success Kit
so you can pump up your internet cash flow power to sell
anything and everything you want online, we really strongly
suggest you get yours NOW before their all gone!

That’s because we think this could very possibly sell out
within just a few days, and we don’t want you to be disappointed.
But here’s the favor…

PLEASE try to get yours as soon as possible!

If you can’t get in due to all of the traffic on the servers,
maybe just wait a few hours until noon or so, or early afternoon.

Now, it’s a pretty big favor to ask, because we don’t
know how fast things will go. But we seriously do need
to try and not bog down the works with too many people
surging in all at once.

I’m not a techie at all, so I really can’t explain how it all works.
I just picture smoke pouring out of a the servers somewhere
or something like that!

At any rate, we are super excited here about getting this
into your hands, AND giving you the awesome bonuses
we’ve got in store for you too.

So here you go…