Traffic Tidbits You Can Use NOW

Traffic has not eluded my business, in fact, I have seen some really cool ways that my websites have paid for themselves. Often, it is a long tail keyword that pulls in my traffic.

Long tail keywords are those that people type in the search engine that either asks a very specific question (how do I get traffic to my golf blog) or is very specific in nature (HP w2408h Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor). These are queries that are usually accompanied by a need or desire for results or a product. Peter Parks called them buying keywords, because most of the time, people who are searching for these terms are looking to buy.

I am not going to give you the whole step by step of how to get these buying keywords, because it took me forever to understand it myself. I will tell you that you have to make certain you are adding content to your sites consistently. Your keywords will develop themselves if you are taking the time to add content that is useful to your market.

Try Keyword Elite For Free

You should, keyword-elite-startupof course, research your market using programs like Google’s Adwords External Keyword Tool (simply search for external keyword tool on Google to find it). If you want a little more firepower to make your keyword research even better, I recommend Keyword Elite… if their free two week trial is still available, use it and see if it doesn’t help you find the gems that will attract buyers.

Buying Keywords Bring You Buying Traffic

Use the keywords as the basis for your content. When you are writing your blog posts, articles, etc. – make sure that the phrase you are targeting is the one you researched to get your content, and use it in your titles, subtitles, subheads… without being overly repetitious. Like if this were an article about “try keyword elite for free,” I would have placed a subhead above the previous paragraph (ok, I guess I will do it, to illustrate the point).

google-analytics-screenAs traffic comes, analyze the results from your articles using Google Analytics to see if what you are doing is working. If you are finding that your posts are getting clickthroughs from some keywords that you didn’t even know you were targeting, then your content is doing its job. Use the Google Analyticator WordPress Plugin on your blog to find out exactly which keywords are bringing the visitors.

Backlinking Makes Your Articles Better

Once you have your content and you have it posted on your blog, article directories and any other places you might have it, you are going to want to enable that content to give you  more traffic. The best way to do this is to link to your content from as many web 2.0 sites as possible.

These Web 2.0 sites can be anything from Squidoo, Hub Pages, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter or any forum with a rank of 3 or higher. You can find forums easily in any niche (market) you are targeting by doing a Google search for “your keyword forum” (obviously you should replace “your keyword” with the keyword you are targeting). Just go down the list of forums and create profiles with them – make sure you take 5 minutes to fill out your profile completely – including your link to the content that you want to link to.

Do this on 3 sites for each piece of content you write. You can do more, but if you do not want to have an additional fulltime job, I recommend doing this on only 3 sites for each piece of content.

I, Robot – Can Do It For You

Obviously, software is the answer when you need to get backlinks in a hurry. But you have to be careful, because Cheap Amoxil target=”_blank”>backlinking too fast will get you delisted. It must appear somewhat natural to the spiders (or algorithms…). I did a video series on how to do this on your own, and you really can just spend an hour a day backlinking your way to high traffic. You can get a taste for my backlink videos by checking out the free trial (you have to answer a survey to access the videos) to Backlink Videos. You can access the free trial here:

brute-force-SEO But if you want to have someone (or something) do it for you, I recommend outsourcing your traffic tasks, or using a software program like Brute Force SEO, Traffic Magnet or Rank Builder Software to create accounts at many of the Web 2.0 sites that can help you get valuable backlinks… These programs help take some of the most repetitive tasks and do them for you. Some, Like Brute Force SEO and Rank Builder will even solve captchas for you, eliminating your need to be at the computer while you are submitting your content to the Web 2.0 sites.

That is it for today. Keep an eye out for my next post, as I will delve into deeper traffic issues.

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Email marketing is not dead…

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Getting Confused As To When You Should Be Doing What?

Writing articles to get traffic to your website can be a drag if you do not take the time to set yourself up to doing it the right way. Too many writers start out trying to do too much in too little time, which ends up being way too many too’s… the burnout is already starting, it just hasn’t become noticeable yet. A little simple preparation can make the writer’s job more enjoyable, and not nearly as time consuming.

Bob Yeager once showed me a simple trick for becoming more efficient. He would do all of his research in a 4 hour block of time. He would research keywords, topics and products to promote. He would take copious notes during this period.

His writing would be done during a separate 4 hour block of time. When he was working on the actual writing phase, Bob would write emails, articles, blog posts, descriptions for video submissions and video scripts. In fact, Bob would also write the abstracts for the article sites during this time.

As you can see, while you are in one particular mode, you should stay in that mode until you have completed all of the tasks you have on your to do list that have something to do with the mode you are in. If you are researching, then you would research everything that you have on your to do list. The list is crucial, since you are going to want to find each project as quickly as possible, so that you know exactly what you are supposed to be working on during this particular block.