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I have a new bonus for you when you join Jeff Johnson’s "Traffic Voodoo 2.0: Non-Stop Traffic"  today, but first…
Let me explain why you definitely need this new bonus:
There are currently 176 video tutorials waiting for you the minute you join the Traffic Voodoo 2.0 Private Membership Site and Coaching Club.
You’ll have full and immediate access to every single one of them the very first day you Join Jeff’s Traffic Voodoo 2.0: Non-Stop Traffic training program.
That’s on top of the hundreds, if not thousands of pages of PDF tutorials ready and waiting for you the very first minute you access "Traffic Voodoo 2.0: Non-Stop Traffic".
And Traffic Voodoo 2.0 is an "ongoing" coaching club so they’ll be adding new training material for you for the next year, probably even longer.
Which means by the time you are done with your Traffic Voodoo 2.0: Non-Stop training… you’ll literally have hundreds of videos, mp3s,  and potentially thousands of page of content to download so you can keep them as part of your permanent "online training" library.

Check it out here:

But  don’t freak out on me yet… I know it all sounds overwhelming, but it’s not.
Here’s why:
1.      When you join today Jeff is giving you a free Lifetime Membership Upgrade to Traffic Voodoo 2.0 which means you’ll have plenty of time to access and download all of the training material.
2.      Jeff’s personal team of "doers" (the guys who do this stuff for him every day)  are in the "forums" almost every single day and they are willing to tell you exactly where to go to get started, how to put our strategies to best use in your own business, and help you whenever you get stuck.
3.      Jeff will be hosting a series of Live webinars where he updates you on the newest cutting-edge traffic-getting, list-building strategies so you’ll know exactly how to turn your new found traffic into money… and he’ll answer ever single question you still have on those live training webinars.
But based on the feedback from the hundreds of people who have already decided to join Jeff’s Traffic Voodoo 2.0…
They told him a great bonus would be sending them out a DVD set with the entire Traffic Voodoo 2.0 program on it.
So on top of all the personal attention you’ll be getting as part of the "Traffic Voodoo 2.0: Non-Stop Traffic" training program…
You’ll also get…
Traffic Voodoo 2.0 On DVD:

Here’s how it works:
After you’ve been inside the Traffic Voodoo 2.0 training program for a few months, and after Jeff has had time to create dozens of new training videos, action plans, Cheat Sheets and process diagrams for you…
He’ll take every single video (hundreds of them), every single PDF file (hundreds if not thousands of pages) and every single mp3 and burn them all to DVDs for you.
The entire "Traffic Voodoo 2.0: Non-Stop Traffic" Training Program…
Will be burned to DVDs and sent out to you for free as part of your ongoing Traffic Voodoo 2.0: Non-Stop Traffic membership.
That means not only will you have a Lifetime Membership so you can take your time downloading everything when you first join…
You won’t even have to since Jeff will be sending it all to you on your Traffic Voodoo 2.0 Bonus DVDs.
So the choice is yours…
Download everything the minute you join the program and access the private membership site…
Or just take your time and wait for your bonus DVDs to arrive.
You can grab your entire bonus package here:

Here’s Buy Accutane the catch:
This is the last time Traffic Voodoo Lifetime Memberships will ever be offered at this low of a price… possibly the last time they’ll ever be offered.
After today the price either jumps up Five Hundred Dollars, or this offer for a Free Lifetime Membership Upgrade will be cancelled without notice.
It could literally close at any minute without a moment’s notice, it’s happened many times before and I’d really hate to see you miss out on this one.
So if you’d like to get your hands on the best deal for Traffic Voodoo 2.0 ever…
Including the Lifetime Membership Upgrade, the 6 Easy Installments Plan option, the Traffic Voodoo 2.0 on DVD set…
Plus get Jeff Johnson’s  "steal this entire course for free" 30 day guarantee…
Now would be a good time to join.
This video explains everything:


How Much Can You Make By Making Businesses Social?

Before you read this, I have to warn you that it might make some sensitive people upset…

It’s no wonder, though. The news is blaring about the economy and how terrible things are for business. It’s got lots of entrepreneurs running scared. 

And that’s not just for us Online marketers – it goes DOUBLE for Businesses who know they need Social Media, but don’t have a clue as to how it REALLY  works if you want to generate sales and leads. 

What if I told you there’s a way you can take what you ALREADY KNOW about Social Media and TEAM UP with the BEST businesses in your area to make MORE money…

More money than EITHER of you could make alone…

And you actually do it by HELPING people, not SELLING them!

It’s true! Watch this video:

Want more videos like this? Click the link below!

Listen, you may have heard a ton about how to make money with Social Media before, but this is drastically different. This puts YOU in the driver’s seat helping people who just don’t have a clue where to even start.

No need to become a Social Media Ninja to land clients…

This ENTIRE system is AUTOMATED!

No need to hire a designer – a programmer – a  secretary – a sales staff…Because…

Well, look – you might not believe me unless you saw it yourself. I watched it twice just to make sure.

Seriously. Go check it out.

There are people who are "kinda ready to learn a little about making money with internet marketing"…

And then there’s "ready to MAKE SOME MONEY with internet marketing – HELP ME DO IT ALREADY!"…

The video over here is the second one:

On A Related Note…

David Preston’s wife is selling off all of his offline to online training materials for one super stupid low price of $47! She is selling all of his materials for only $47… everything that he was selling for $497 and up, is all bundled into a Christmas package that you will not want to pass up, even if you never intend to help a local business. Just the ideas for helping your own business with the marketing you need is a reason to pick this up!

I highly recommend you buy David Preston’s Offline Goldmine Christmas Bundle!

Internet Marketing Alchemy

Watch Live As One Of Peter Parks’ Students Cracks One Of The Most Competitive Search Phrases On The Planet, Crushes The Competition, And What’s Best… He’s Been Doing It For Months.

Here’s an OPPORTUNITY for you to pick up an extra couple hundred dollars a week part time and not actually have to build a real online business which is way too hard for most people.
Peter gets that, so here’s what he wants to do for you so you can make money hand over fist by letting his students do all the hard work for you.

Let Peter’s students send you buyers to your website.


Its easy, extremely low cost for you to get into, and the ability to make money very quickly if you want to let them do all the "hard work for you"

Bottom line you only need to set aside 30 minutes a day or less and follow Peter’s students to the… "money mine!" It doesn’t get any easier that that. (and if your SUPER LAZY he’s got something else lined up)…

Are you game and want to find out more?

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