Incredible Warrior Special Offer

It’s unbelievable!

Sometimes I wonder if IMers realize
they are giving TOO much value away.
I mean, Master Resell Rights to a
ridiculously amazing IM strategy
and their $5000 coaching program to boot?

Every once in a while, there is a product
that does everything it claims and WAY
over delivers on value…

That’s what Bob and Mike have done in
this very special WSO:


It’s obvious these guys hearts are in the
right place and the benefit is passed on to
you as a result:

Have an amazing day!

Micheal & Yvonne

PS –

Bob Yeager and Mike Silva rarely even
release a product below the 4 figure mark
but, apparently, they are in a giving mood:

How To Backlink Products And Tools Abound!

Backlinking is a very powerful SEO strategy! That explains why so many Warriors are currently selling training courses on this very subject! Here is a backlinking product roundup from the Warrior Forum and WSOInsiders!

Backlink Avalanche With Private Label Rights

Backlink Miner

This course reveals a lot of the myths and truths of SEO and how you can do your backlinking the right way and not get your site permanently banned from the search engines!backlinkminer

No BS Backlinks – 150 High Authority Backlink sites where you can gain some traction in the search engines!

Backlink Hurricane


WordPress SEO Blueprint – Do you ever wish you had an easy to follow WordPress SEO blueprint that you could rely on time after time and expect it to help you get fast rankings rather than just hope that it will?

Fiverr SEO Blueprint



So that is just what was available this weekend, so if you were wondering how to do your own backlinking or have someone do it for you, this is the place to find it.

Hurry, though, because not all of these offers will be around very long. Usually Warrior Special Offers are time limited!

Try Evergreen Business System For A Buck

Let me ask you this… if a product is supposed to be evergreen, how can the doors close to it?

The Evergreen Business System gurus have announced that Thursday at midnight the doors to EBS will close for an indefinite time. See the timer on the page:

The product has the name Evergreen in it! So we should be able to promote it all year long… but according to the EBS people, over 2000 people have signed up and are setting up their accounts. They are worried that they may not be able to sustain such a huge influx of users without having an overload in the support department.

So they have put a countdown timer, and when it reaches 00:00:00, you won’t be able to purchase EBS… no matter how much you beg.

Which also means that my bonus expires when that timer reaches zero!

As a bonus for Evergreen Business System, I am offering one year of coaching with Yvonne and I , where we will work with you one hour each week to get your product ready to sell, to get your webinar ready to go live and to work with you every step of the way so that you are not all by yourself trying to figure it all out!

But you can only get it if you grab Evergreen Business System through our link before the timer reaches 00:00:00!

A bunch of the EBS bonuses are being removed as soon as the timer reaches zero!

** But here is what you may NOT know **

1) - Page Comes Down Today!

EBS is coming off the market today, THURSDAY,
at Midnight! (if you are late I apologize.)

2) - Get Access for $1

Mike Filsaime is closing today only for
$1 trial. See site for details. Bottom
line is you get to try the software for
7 full days and even build your own
webinar and use it for just $1.

Hey… I could go on and on and tell you why
AUTOMATING your business with perpetual,
and "evergreen" marketing is what all
of the TOP marketers are starting to do. . .

Or… I could go on and on about why this
software is the one EVERYONE is talking about.

But you can just see it all for yourself here

Buy Social Media Marketing Machines Get Flip SlideHD From Me!

Social Media Marketing Machines closes at midnight tonight, PST.

I managed to convince Yvonne to let me offer a really cool new bonus for Social Media Marketing Machines…

Read about it here:

Flip SlideHD Video Camera – White, 16 GB, 4 Hoursalt

But, you have to wait until the refund period is over to get the camera.

They have announced a 10 payment plan good until Social Media Marketing Machines closes its doors!

If you get the monthly plan, after the fifth payment, I will ship out your Flip SlideHD. (or a gift card if you would rather)

So What Is This All About?

To just cut to the chase, here’s THE BOTTOM LINE and what you’re missing out on:

  • – A MAJOR opportunity to make $150-$300 per hour or more helping businesses anywhere in the world FT/PT with social media marketing
  • – If you already have a business, you can use this system to position yourself and get major buzz with social media
  • – If you DON’T have a business, how to get your own business off the ground in under a day complete with a "done for you" website, professional sales video, sales copy, automated follow-up system, social media tools, pre-made marketing materials and training
  • – And a "Video Marketing MBA in a Day" including live video training direct from "Digital Cafe" studios in San Diego on January 5th – you’ll learn how to start a $200-$200,000 video studio, how to shoot, light, edit and blast your content with Traffic Geyser live! (you’ll get recordings too)
  • – A two-day, no-pitch, live training EVENT in San Diego March 12-13 (you’ll get recordings too)
  • – 30 days to check out the system AT NO RISK including a full money-back guarantee
  • – financing programs to get you started no matter what your budget is
  • – training for total newbies, intermediate or advanced users


You can get paid as a social media consultant by mastering social media in your own business and helping others do the same.

The secret is while there’s tons of hype around social media, no one has ever really figured out how to monetize it simply because they don’t understand the FOLLOWUP strategies and tools to monetize the connections and relationships.

Here’s a SYSTEM that allows you to create effective social media campaigns, including the critical follow up and you can FINALLY make money with social media with your brand AND you can charge other businesses and entrepreneurs boat loads of money as a social media consultant.

Social Media Marketing Machines IS the most powerful SYSTEM ever created because it’s based on over FOUR years of research, experience with tens of thousands of customers in over 70 countries worldwide:


The entire site, videos and offer are going away TONIGHT at midnight, Pacific Standard Time.

This ISN’T a false scarcity ploy.

And to make the product irresistible and affordable, there’s a 10-payment option to get started quickly and easily.

Check it out –

If you have ANY questions about Social Media Marketing Machines, Mike’s team is standing by to answer your questions so feel free to call or text his team at 858-367-3197.

# # # # # #
# # # # # #

Here’s a quote from the December 2010 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine, page 58:

"Charlene Li, one of the world’s leading thinkers
on social media and co-founder of the Altimeter Group,
a research-based advisory firm in San Mateo, Calif.,
predicts that companies that do not get on the social
media bandwagon soon–within three to five years
–will not survive."

A recent survey on reports social media consultants make a minimum of $150 per hour but $300 per hour is more typical.

It gets better:

There are approximately 6.7 billion people on the planet…

There are 700 million active registered FaceBook users…

1 in 9.5 people on the PLANET have Order Generic Accutane Online without Prescription a FaceBook account…

(61% of the users are older than 38)

Over 250 million Twitter accounts

(64% of Twitter users are over 39)

1.8 billion INTERNET CONNECTED computers worldwide

5.6 billion mobile phone accounts in use worldwide

96% open rate for text messages

Over 29.6 million small businesses in the US

(44.6 million if you include work-at-home businesses)

There are over 300 million small businesses worldwide

Forrester Research reports:

"Social Media Marketing spending is expected  to increase from $716 MILLION to $3.1 BILLION by 2014 – that’s 34% per year."

Worldwide, there’s a MAJOR shortage of social media marketing consultants and professionals.

According to Ad-Ology, 46% of small business owners don’t have a web site…

… 60% of Small Businesses are spending the same amount on advertising as they did in 2008

… 26% plan to spend more

… and 69% want to spend it on



If you’re interested in starting your own business, adding additional services to your existing business or increasing sales for your business, then you’ll love Social Media Marketing Machines.

NOTE: This product goes off the market at midnight tonight, PST and will NOT reopen.

And no, this isn’t a false scarcity ploy.

The team at Traffic Geyser has spent the past 8 months, combined with nearly 5 years developing and refining Traffic Geyser, surveying and analyzing thousands of their most successful customers and finding the most profitable businesses that need help with social media marketing worldwide.

With this step-by-step business in a box:

  • – You’re in business in less than a day
  • – You get instant confidence and credibility
  • – For newbies, intermediate or advanced markers
  • – You can do it part-time or full-time
  • – You can outsource all the work

Social Media Marketing Machines is a complete "Business in a Box" that puts you in business in as little as a day.

Here’s what you get:

  • – A push-button tool that builds your online presence in under an hour including a web site, professional sales video and automated follow-up system
  • – Create up to 500 sites for yourself or your clients (we show you how to get them) and you get to…
    …and you get to keep all the money
  • – You’ll get 12 months of access to a new, advanced version of Traffic Geyser Titanium that includes brand-new tools that automate FaceBook, Twitter and more social media marketing and automation
    …and you get to keep all the money
  • – 12 weeks of training
  • – Business cards, flyers, brochures
  • – Two tickets to a live training event (not a pitchfest)

They’ve thought of everything because over the past five years, their team has helped tens of thousands of customers in over 70 countries in thousands of different businesses with their video and social media marketing:

Which are you?

Some People Make Things Happen,
Some Watch Things Happen,
while Others Sit around and Wonder What Happened.

BTW – the course just opened up an affordable 10-payment option so you can get started quickly and easily.

AND – the entire site, videos and offer are going away TODAY at midnight.

This ISN’T a false scarcity ploy.

Finally – you’ll see how you can literally be up and running and in business in

Disclaimer: The links on my blog or emails may have affiliate relationships where I may earn a commission if you purchase one of the products recommended herein. Please do your own due diligence research to see if any product or service is right for you!

Up To 3000 Backlinks: Even Bigger Traffic Voodoo Bonus

You can receive a brand new bonus for you when you join Jeff Johnson’s "Traffic Voodoo 2.0: Non-Stop Traffic"  today, but first…

I will give you access to a website where you can create and ping up to 3000 backlinks your blog posts, web pages and affiliate links for absolutely FREE! Just read this and take advantage of the offer that Jeff Johnson is making you, and I will give you this link.

Let me explain why you definitely need this new bonus:

There are currently over 181 video tutorials waiting for you the minute you join the Traffic Voodoo 2.0 Private Membership Site and Coaching Club.

You’ll have full and immediate access to every single one of them the very first day you Join Jeff’s "traffic and money" training program.

That’s on top of the hundreds, if not thousands of pages of PDF tutorials ready and waiting for you the very first minute you log into the private membership site.

And Traffic Voodoo 2.0 is an "ongoing" coaching club so they’ll be adding new training material for you for the next year, probably even longer.

Which means by the time you are done with your Traffic Voodoo 2.0: Non-Stop training… you’ll literally have hundreds of videos, mp3s,  and potentially thousands of page of content to download so you can keep them as part of your permanent "online training" library.

Check it out here:

But  don’t freak out on me yet… I know it all sounds overwhelming, but it’s not.
Here’s why:
1.      When you join today Jeff is giving you a free Lifetime Membership Upgrade to Traffic Voodoo 2.0 which means you’ll have plenty of time to access and download all of the training material.
2.      Jeff’s personal team of "doers" (the guys who do this stuff for him every day)  are in the "forums" almost every single day and they are willing to tell you exactly where to go to get started, how to put our strategies to best use in your own business, and help you whenever you get stuck.
3.      Jeff will be hosting a series of Live webinars where he updates you on the newest cutting-edge traffic-getting, list-building strategies so you’ll know exactly how to turn your new found traffic into money… and he’ll answer ever single question you still have on those live training webinars.

Cheap Accutane

But based on the feedback from the hundreds of people who have already decided to join Jeff’s Traffic Voodoo 2.0…

They told him a great bonus would be sending them out a DVD set with the entire Traffic Voodoo 2.0 program on it.

So on top of all the personal attention you’ll be getting as part of the "Traffic Voodoo 2.0: Non-Stop Traffic" training program…
You’ll also get…

Traffic Voodoo 2.0 On DVD:

Here’s how it works:

After you’ve been inside the Traffic Voodoo 2.0 training program for a few months, and after Jeff has had time to create dozens of new training videos, action plans, Cheat Sheets and process diagrams for you…

He’ll take every single video (hundreds of them), every single PDF file (hundreds if not thousands of pages) and every single mp3 and burn them all to DVDs for you.

The entire "Traffic Voodoo 2.0: Non-Stop Traffic" Training Program…
Will be burned to DVDs and sent out to you for free as part of your ongoing Traffic Voodoo 2.0: Non-Stop Traffic membership.

That means not only will you have a Lifetime Membership so you can take your time downloading everything when you first join…

You won’t even have to since Jeff will be sending it all to you on your Traffic Voodoo 2.0 Bonus DVDs.

So the choice is yours…

Download everything the minute you join the program and access the private membership site…

Or just take your time and wait for your bonus DVDs to arrive.
You can grab your entire bonus package here:

Here’s the catch:

This is the last time Traffic Voodoo Lifetime Memberships will ever be offered at this low of a price… possibly the last time they’ll ever be offered.
After today the price either jumps up Five Hundred Dollars, or this offer for a Free Lifetime Membership Upgrade will be cancelled without notice.
It could literally close at any minute without a moment’s notice, it’s happened many times before and I’d really hate to see you miss out on this one.

So if you’d like to get your hands on the best deal for Traffic Voodoo 2.0 ever…

Including the Lifetime Membership Upgrade, the 6 Easy Installments Plan option, the Traffic Voodoo 2.0 on DVD set…

Plus get Jeff Johnson’s  "steal this entire course for free" 30 day guarantee…
Now would be a good time to join.

This video explains everything:

What am I going to give you if you purchase through my affiliate link?

You can still be one of the first 30 who will become a part of our mastermind groups to help you keep working toward your goals. Without a group to help you through roadblocks or hold you accountable, you can easily stray and lose focus. Mastermind groups will help put the blinders on you, so that the bright shiny objects won’t distract you nearly as well as they would have without a group.

We will also hold a series of webinars to help you set your goals, follow up on them and use your mastermind group to push yourself toward your goals. We will also do a Q & A Webinar once a month, as well!

Once you have purchased, open a help desk ticket at to claim your bonus.

Disclaimer: The links on my blog or emails may have affiliate relationships where I may earn a commission if you purchase one of the products recommended herein. Please do your own due diligence research to see if any product or service is right for you!